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We offer de following services ;

- consultancy

- post operative care

- recovery house

- fajas and accessories (post op wear)

- post operative massages

- cosmetic procedures

- beauty treatments

- city tours

- spanish lessons (only available to patients staying at our recovery house)



For people that already found a surgeon on their own, we offer a full recovery service!!

Check out our page of our recovery house


This package includes;


Schedule dates for surgery and check ups

Post op wear and lab visit

Stay at our recovery house
To make things short, everything you’ll need for your trip!


Easy solo package + personal 1 on 1 guide/translator.

Stay at the suite in our recovery house

2 city tours

Beauty tour

Around 3 times a year Calibelleza organises accompanied tours for people who are hesitant to travel by their selfs. This means that we pick a date and if it’s covenient to you ,you can make reservations for this date and calibelleza will coordinate you with other fellow travellers. It’s a great shared experience and includes personal guidance, support and translator!

Consulting fees

Just when going on a personal consult, a virtual consult has a consult fee.

Our consults have standard fee of $120 USD, for that you may choose to do 2 consults with 2 different plastic surgeons.

An additional $20 is charged for a consult with an extra plastic surgeon.

If you decide to book with us- 50% of the consult fee will be used as part of the deposit at our recovery house

What's included?

- Obtaining your personal quote(s)

- Confirming and securing your surgery

- Pre- operative guidance

- Securing your recovery accommodations ( we only work with our own Recovery houses!)

- Daily guidance/ online check ups during your journey

- Post-operative after care advice

- Scheduling your medical visits

- Arranging your personal car service

- Arranging for your private nurse care

- Arranging for your personal cook

- Scheduling tourist activities

- And much more!

Dental consulting fee's, beauty treatments consults and quotes are FREE OF CHARGE!

This also goes for Recovery packages inquiries!!

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