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A bit more about us


                                                                   About US

 We are a company that work  with top notch plastic surgeons in the City of Cali Colombia.

 With that we have over a decade of experience and are specialised in post operative care.

 Our clients can enjoy our own recovery house and custom made fajas and accesories.

                                                               WHAT WE OFFER:

 Calibelleza offers plastic -and reconstructive surgery consultancy in the capital of plastic surgery Cali Colombia.

 This also includes bariatric surgery and sex change surgeries.
Aside from surgeries we also offer; smile designs - and other dental work, beauty treatments, post operative care , fajas +accessories (post op wear) and other aesthetic procedures.
We have a recovery house that is open for everybody and recovery apartments as well.



                                                               WHY COLOMBIA?

Cali has 2.25 million residents and is known as the city of the Salsa/Rumba (dance) and plastic surgery. Colombia is known for plastic surgery to be performed daily, starting at very young ages. Because of this lots of new techniques and procedures are invented in Cali. A lot of people choose the quality of the Colombian plastic surgeons.




Your treatment will occur in a private clinic in Cali, Colombia. So you are assured of good care by highly qualified staff.

After treatment, you can usually go home or stay overnight  at the clinic.

This will depend on the treatment you are undergoing.



                                                                                     VIRTUAL CONSULT:

We know that Cali is a tidy bit far for most of you to go see a surgeon personally. That's why we offer virtual consults.
A virtual consult can be done directly from our website and has a cost which can be paid through PayPal. As soon as the surgeon has send his price we will make a package accordingly of your needs and wants.
In Colombia you will get another personal consult with your surgeon prior to your surgery


Note: We work with several of the best plastic surgeons of Cali, if you have a preferred surgeon please let us know, so we can arrange a consult. Research of the final chosen surgeon is your own responsibility.




                                                                                      HOW WE WORK:​


1. If you like more information about a procedure,Calibelleza or initiate a virtual consult you can contact us .

Please visit the contact page for options.

2. After virtual consult is received , we will send the information to your doctor of choice.

3. The doctor will evaluate and send the price and information of the procedure. If desired we can make an all inclusive package deal. Virtual consults have a cost of $120 usd and for that you can pick up to 2 plastic surgeons. When you book your surgery through us, we will refund a 50% which will be used as part of the deposit for stay at our recovery house

4.If you’re satisfied with the information provided and the price, a date can be reserved for your beauty trip.

Before booking we will need you to sign a contract and then deposits can be made to lock your date.

5. We will provide you with additional helpful information for your journey.

6. Off you go! To come back with the looks you desire.


                                                                                  PRE AND POST-OP CARE:



When you arrive in Cali, you'll have an introductory meeting with the surgeon involved in your treatment.

This enables you to make your wishes and expectations of the outcome clear.

The plastic surgeon will create the clearest possible picture of the final result, in the possibilities that he has to perform the treatment in a responsible manner.Further, you have to do some medical examinations! This is mandatory !!

For safety reasons the actual surgery takes place in 3-5 days after landing on Colombian ground!!

During the last days, of your stay in Cali all final check ups will be made by the plastic surgeon and or staff.

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