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Calibelleza  Amsterdam

 We have a post operative clinic in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. At our clinic we offer top notch post operative care like; massages, drainage, fibrosis removal, fajas and accesories (post op wear) and other aestetic procedures.

Our clinic is open for our patients that have went to Cali, but also for patients that have went elsewhere.

We are known as highly skilled and real problem solvers. Aside from that we offer Colombian body contouring, bum bum lifts, and special facials.

If you are outside of the Netherlands and need help, contact us as we sometimes are willing to travel. We also acompany to other countries like Turkey to give the first post op massages when needed. If you see anything on that list you'd like to get , we might be able to travel and give you that service.


Here's our list of beauty treatments and prices.



Post -op therapy

draining massage + ultrasound therapy


Post-op therapy pakket

drenage + ULTRASOON therapy


Vacuum therapy

Anti cellulite treatment


Vacuum therapy pakket van 10

Anti cellulite treatment



afval massages + Ultrasound therapy


ReducT pakket van 10

afval massages + Ultrasound therapy



Get the latest massage in fashion


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cleansing + scrub + mask + creme



skin analysis+ cleansing+ deep cleansing+ blackhead or milia removal + epilation + mask + creme + advice



skin analysis+ cleansing+ deep cleansing + blackhead/milia removal+ epilation+ dying of eyebrows or lashes + ampul +mask+ creme+ advice



skin analysis+cleansing+ deep cleansing+ blackhead/milia removal+epilation+ eyebrow/eyelash dye + ampul needle free meso +massage + mask+creme+ advice


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face or body



EMS 30 min


SlimTone treatment




meso+ems+ drenaige


SlimLine treatment 5x



SlimLine shock therapy

Contact for more information



Cavitation + drainage


Lipoburst treatment 6x

Cavitation+ drainage


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All mesotherapy products we use are homeopathic and natural.
Most are vitamins or amino acids. All our facial treatments include a complimetary facial.

Collagen (MADE)

cleanse+ deep cleanse+epilation+ RF + ampul meso + mask+ creme


Firming (Silicium)

Cleanse+deep cleanse+epilation+ ultrasound scrubber+ ampul meso + mask+creme


DMAE- lift solution

cleanse+ deep cleanse+epilation+ RF + ampul meso + mask+ creme



cleanse+ deep cleanse + vapozone +epilation+ampul meso+facial wrap


Anti-age (natural botox)

cleansing+deep cleansing+ RF+ epilation+ampul meso + facial wrap


OligoE ( a smokers choice)

oppervlakte reiniging+ dieptereiniging+borstel techniek +epileren+ampul meso+facial wrap



Cleanse+ deep cleanse+vapozone+epilation+ampul meso+ mask+ creme


Vitamin cocktail

Cleanse+deep cleanse+vapozone+epilation+ampul meso+facial wrap €100


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Healthy long hair is now for everybody! During a consultation we decide together the length of the treatment and the desired wishes. Then we advice to start with our special hair growth pills followed by our famous hair mesotherapy. After full treatment it is advisable to have a single treatments done once in a while (1 month, 2 months or trimester)

Hair factor 1x

Get strong healthy hair, against hairloss and promotes new hair growth.


Hair mesotherapy- treatment of 5

Get strong healthy hair, against hairloss and promotes new hair growth.


Hair mesotherapy treatment of 6x

Get strong healthy hair, against hairloss and promotes new hair growth.


Biotin 5000mcg

softgels 120 pills


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Encymatic lipo

local superstrong fatburner


Meso lipo

local mild fat burner


Celulite Atack

meso anti cellulitis



skin tension

1x €35

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